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My 2009 Goals

I thought maybe if I would put these down somewhere other than my planner, I would actually get them done. ;) Lose 12 pounds (although 17 would be nice. Then I would be at my pre-pre-pregnancy weight.) Finish Connor's scrapbook of his first two years. Start (and maybe even finish) the twins' first year scrapbook. (Yes, they get screwed because there are two of them so I am only doing the first year.) Complete the outline and write at least six chapters of my book. Have a super-organized kitchen and bedroom. (The kitchen remodel starts in May, hopefully will be completed by June. And the bedroom is waiting on the dressers. And for Keith to make the drawer boxes.) Well, five goals doesn't really seem like a lot to accomplish in 8 months. Of course it doesn't take into account my master to do list, or my weekly to do list, or the house to do list (and don't forget the list I have for Keith!) ... have you noticed I like my lists??? :P Plus I've got to potty-


The other day, Connor had a yo-yo (really just a piece of ribbon, but he learned about yo-yos at nana's). And he was playing with it and told me he was a cowboy. Then he said "eeeeee ha". Last night he took his Elmo coat rack and brought it into the nursery. Then he held onto two of the handles and told me to say cheese. And then he took my picture as though Elmo was a camera on a tripod. Also last night he asked me if we were going to Gigi's for a party. And if Ann, Lexi and Tommy were going to be there. (We were just at Gigi's for our Easter party.) I went into the bathroom and locked the door. He came knocking and told me it was locked. Then I opened the door and he yelled, "Mommy's home!" (I had been home for about 2 hours at that point.) He got ahold of one of my bracelets, put it on top of his head, and said, "I too big Mommy!" When I tell him that he is being a good big brother, he says to me, "I no big brother, I Conn

Connor and the quarter

I have tried my hardest to keep all coins away from Connor. First it's because I was afraid he would put one in his mouth. And now it is because I am afraid he will put one in a baby's mouth. (I am already spending way too much energy keeping things like throw rugs, paper, and toy cars out of their mouths.) Anyway, yesterday at Gigi's house, Uncle Tommy wanted to get in on the egg hunt. Gigi (my grandma) had put little pieces of chocolate in some eggs and hid them in (quite obvious) places around her living room. Tom added two more - each with a quarter inside. Lexi got her quarter, but was more excited about the candy. Connor on the other hand, was VERY excited to see that dumb quarter and insisted on carrying it around with him all day. At least most of the time it could be in his pocket, but still he liked to pull it out and show it to people. Fast forward to coming home last night. First, he dropped it into the seatbelt slot on his carseat on the drive home.