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Day out with Thomas 2009

A couple of weekends ago, the grandparents were nice enough to watch the twins so Keith and I could take Connor to the annual Day out with Thomas event. This was our first year going, but we plan on making it a tradition. Held at a railway museum, there was lots to see besides just the Thomas stuff. Connor had an absolute blast! watching trains go by cooling off from the summer heat Connor's first tattoo. Mommy and Daddy are so proud! ;) riding on Thomas!

What I did on my summer vacation

Last week, one half of our daycare went on vacation. (The ILs went to California to visit Keith's grandma. As much as I would love to introduce her to the twins, I am so not flying halfway across the country with my three wonderful children!) So Keith and I ended up taking off work a few days and had our own "vacation" with our kids. Anyway, on day one of vacation, all three kids got sick. One even threw up, all over me. Lovely. The rest of the time went great, despite it being 150 degrees out over the weekend. And our zoo trip was canceled due to illness. I really didn't want to come back to work. Connor and his busted lip (He was jumping on the couch and hit the window ledge. While this didn't actually happen during our vacation, but rather on MIL's watch, I did want to show the picture because it's one of the best pictures we have of him!) Connor and Lexi dancing in the rain Riding the train. Although moments after the photo was taken, Connor ch


I don't use that word lightly. I won't say where I saw this, but on a twin board I frequent, someone posted a thread titled - "Why do you think you had twins?" It was posted by a mom of a singleton, who had spent her pregnancy hoping she would be having twins. She googled some of the top reasons women got pregnant with twins (luck, fertility assistance, age, etc.) People voted, then some commented. One woman, who from what I can remember only has twins, posted it was because God hated her. OMG. I have no idea how to respond to that. Sure that thought may have crossed my mind - one time, during a middle-of-the-night, sleep-deprived, early day where I was just begging for two hours of consecutive sleep. I could see myself thinking (to myself of course not putting out on the internet for all to see) "does God hate me? Why won't they stop crying? Why on earth did I have twins?" But her post is scary - the way she is so determined that God gave her t