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The first post

Tonight is my first moms of multiples event. I am looking forward to finally meeting (IRL) some people who know what I am going through. Going from a family of 3 to a family of 5 was quite an adjustment. We lost total control of our lives when we brought two newborns home. Granted it was just Keira with us for two weeks as we waited for Colin to eat in the NICU, but once he came home life as we knew it changed drastically. Not that I would change any of it. I love my life and my family, even with all the added stress of caring for the twins and a two year old, organizing and coordinating household tasks and schedules as well as working full time outside the home and managing things there too. But at night when I look at the two babies sitting on my lap and glance over at Connor on his CARS couch watching a movie and drinking his milk, I think that my life could not possibly get any better than this. Our family is happy, healthy and complete.