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Book Review: Between the Lines

Jane Charles' new book, Between the Lines , was just released. The book centers around Gabe and Ellen,  and the Baxter School of the Arts.  It's told from both Gabe and Ellen's first person perspectives, which is great because the reader is able to see both sides of the story as it develops.  Gabe is a teacher at the Baxter School of the Arts. Ellen is a reporter who feels that there is a story that needs to be told about Baxter. Both of them are dead set with keeping their secrets to themselves, but as their relationship grows, it becomes harder for them to not trust each other. I really liked this book, even though it's not what I normally read. Ellen is trying to keep her past a secret, but as she falls for Gabe, she begins to trust him and share her secrets. Gabe continues to protect the school and it's secrets, but not because they are bad. It's his job to protect the students he cares about. As Ellen gets closer to the truth, she begins to under

Book Review: The Art of Sinning

Mark your calendar - tomorrow is the release of the newest Sabrina Jeffries' book! The Art of Sinning is the delightful first novel in her new series, called the Sinful Suitors. This book does not disappoint!   Jeremy Keane, an artist not wanting to be tied down to his father's business back in America, meets Lady Yvette Barlow, a woman who has taken it upon herself to solve a family mystery.  Jeremy wants to use Yvette as his muse, but she won't agree unless he helps her. Yvette's brother won't agree to the arrangement, so the two of them concoct a plan to work together - she will be his muse, and he will help her find the woman she is looking for. As a reader, I am never bored with a Sabrina Jeffries' story. The two main characters are great together - lots of chemistry in both conversation and in the bedroom. They are very witty, which makes them more likeable characters, in my own opinion. The secondary characters are great too, and you want to read m

Book Review: A Body to Spare

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Sue Ann Jaffarian's new book, A Body to Spare. I have to say, this was my favorite Odelia Grey book yet! The twists and turns were great! The story begins with a body found in Odelia's trunk at the car wash.  Again, Odelia's luck as the corpse magnet has not run out.  As the mystery begins to unfold, Odelia gets help from old and new friends. Out of the blue, she receives a surprise phone call, and that was one of my favorite parts! I can't say anymore about it because it would spoil the surprise for you, but I was so excited when the caller announced their name.   As usual, there was a lot of action, with poor Odelia trying to clear her name, deal with a friend moving away, and bodies piling up. Ms. Jaffarian does a fantastic job, keeping the story funny and action-packed at the same time. You don't want to put this one down. The book will be released in November, so I highly recommend you put it on your to be

Summer Fun, Part 2

I was able to take a few days off work - one of those days being the twins' 7th birthday!   So far, we are making great progress on our summer bucket list! On the twins' birthday, after we opened presents and went to swim lessons,  we headed out to the lake with my parents, my uncle, my sister, and her two kids  for some fishing, picnicking, and s'mores! Here is Keira, sitting nicely and fishing. Here is Keira, 10 minutes later, after she fell off the dock and almost drowned. Seriously, we have no idea how she fell in.  I heard her scream, and then saw her falling into the water.   She went under because it was too deep to stand,  but my dad was right there and jumped in after her. (The water came to his chest.)   There is never a dull moment around these parts. Later that day, we went to dinner at IHOP (the twins' choice)  and back to our house for cake (which they didn't eat)  and ice cream (which they did) an