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My beautiful baby girl...

I always thought I wanted a girl. When I was pregnant with Connor, but before I had the big u/s to see the gender, I kept telling people I wanted a girl. There were no boys in my family, my niece was almost 2, and I was used to girly things. I had no idea what I would do with a boy! Then I found out that Connor was a boy. And I was totally fine with that. The one tear I shed that day was more out of happiness that he was healthy. ;) When I got pregnant again, I told everyone I wanted a boy. (At the time, I thought there was only one in there. Boy was I wrong!) When the tech told me that there were two babies and I (somewhat) got over the initial shock, she told me Baby A was a girl. And even then, I prayed that Baby B would be a boy. I wanted another boy. I was so thankful that at least one of them was a boy. I told people the next day that I was having twins. And almost everyone said to me, "Well now you will finally have your girl." Like that mattered. Like if it were two


Today at Colin's physical theraphy, Katie (his therapist) was so pleased with Colin's progress. She used words like "amazing" and "wonderful". She even told him that he deserved a gold star! She also told me (more than once) how happy she is with his progress. She said that most babies his age are still troubled with the head tilt and are no where near where he is now. Whew! That made me feel good. I try to work with him as much as possible with the at-home exercises, but with three kids and working full-time, some nights I am just lucky if I get to hold all of my kids for awhile. To hear that he is doing so well and that she is really impressed with his progress lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. And the superman position he has been doing lately is totally normal for a 6-month old. (Sure he is really 7 1/2 months, but if I remind myself that I am allowed to age-adjust him because he is a preemie, he is really right on target.) Sometimes it's so