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My 500th Post... A Giveaway and The End of an Era

This blog started in 2008 when life was crazy. I had just had twins, as well as a newly turned 2 year old at home. I went back to working full-time 2.5 months after the babies came. This is the link to my first post, aptly titled, The First Post .  And this right here... This is the last post for Embracing Chaos. I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I love writing and knew I needed an outlet to chronicle those first crazy few years of the kids' lives. I made the title of the blog, Embracing Chaos, because that it what life felt like at the time. It was so crazy and effed up, that I had to just embrace the crazies or lose my mind trying. But things changes. Life has calmed down... sort of. There is a different kind of crazy that runs my life. The twins start kindergarten in the fall. Connor will be in second grade. Keith and I have taken a more natural, holistic approach to life. The chaos that once was is no longer. (Don't get me wrong, life still throws me

San Francisco - Day 4

On our last day, we got up super early  to ride the trolley down to Haight-Ashbury: Took a walk through Golden Gate park: The day was filled with other conference-related things,  but after my last session at 5,  we hopped on the cable car and  headed back to Fisherman's Wharf: Sangria...yum... Fresh crab... yum... Sunset on the beach...ahhhh... Ghiradelli chocolate AND peanut butter sundae... OMG YUM...

One Year

One year ago today, Gigi passed away.  In memory of her,  I wanted to share of my favorite posts of last year: Love, Grandma, and Rhubarb