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Connor's New Bed

So this happened like 3 weeks ago now, but it took forever to get the pictures loaded on the computer. And all the ones of Connor on the bed involved a lot of jumping and blurry pictures resulted. All in all, the switch-over from crib to (race car) bed went well. There have been a few nights where we caught him hanging out in the hallway - playing with his light-up Spiderman sandals, and even once in the nursery trying to wake up the babies! Here is his new bed: And here is the only picture I have of Connor NOT jumping on his bed: I think the only thing keeping him from being on the floor is the fact that I tucked his comforter in before he went to sleep. :)

Taking a sick day...

... is impossible when you are a mom. Yesterday I felt horrible with a sore throat and cold. But Connor got sick too, and he was more sick than I was. All I wanted to do was lay around and not do anything, but with the wonder twins feeling fine and all over the place, that was almost impossible. Have I mentioned I am in the market for one of those superyards? They are cute, but so exhausting. Colin is so fast climbing UP the stairs that I'm constantly running across the room to bring him down. And Keira likes to try to pull up on tippable objects - the Fisher Price rocker and the play kitchen for example. So then I am running back to the other side of the room to get her. And poor Connor is moping on the couch watching Wubbzy on Nick Jr. By the way, I now hate that show. On Demand seemed like a good idea at the time, but after watching the same episode 8 times in a row and being able to sing the theme song in my sleep, I have changed my opinion. ;)