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Little Hands Helping to Decorate

Here is the official picture of our Christmas tree this year. The kids had a great time decorating the tree. Such a great time, making "families" of ornaments. What they call families,  my OCD call clusters of ornaments set in a haphazard way, so that the tree looks somewhat uneven in the ornament area.  Yet, they had the best time doing it. So I will leave it alone.  Happiness is a tree decorated with six little hands. I just wish I'd stop finding this in my tree.

The Secret of the (Old) Clock

On Saturday night, I noticed something strange about the clock located on the ledge behind our couch: The kids were already in bed, and by Sunday morning, I had forgotten about the missing hands. Until dinner. Keira: Mama, the clock is missing something. It's so scary now. Me: Yes I know the hands are off the clock. Do you know what happened to them? Keira: Yes, Colin took them off. Colin: No, Keira took them off. Keira ( very dramatically and with arms flailing ): I did NOT! Me: Colin, did you take the hands off the clock? Colin: No, Keira did. Keira ( more dramatically, more arms flailing, voice screeching ): I did NOT! Colin: I no take them off. Maybe Connor? Twins look at Connor. Connor: I didn't do it. Me: Well, now the clock is broken. Keira: That's ok mama, we take the hands and put them on. TEAMWORK! We can do teamwork and do it together. Me: Colin, are you sure you don't know who broke the clock? Colin: I did. Me: You broke my clock? Co

Happiness is Christmas Pictures

We bought a groupon over the summer for JCPenney's.  The idea was that we would get the kids' five and three year pictures done.  And then life happened. Suddenly it was November, and the children were itching towards 5 1/2 and 3 1/2.  And there were no pictures. We scheduled an appointment for Sunday. Someone at work asked if we were doing holiday pictures, and I thought - why not? We've never had them before. Let me just tell you the shoot was amazing.  The kids, for some unknown reason when put before a professional photographer, will smile, stand still, and pose.  (When I get out my camera, I have to chase them, tackle them, and then duct tape them to the floor to get them to hold still.....) These are a few that did not make the cut, mainly because I am using Shutterfly to make our Christmas cards. 

Thanksgiving Thursday #2

This week, I am thankful for: Making pizza like Caillou A wonderful daddy who loves to be with his children.  Fleecy jammie pants with penguins! I love penguins.   A surprise gift to cheer me up! What are you thankful for?

Around the Table

Not really our kitchen table, but the kids last year at Thanksgiving.... I grew up in a house where we ate dinner together as a family. Every.single.night. We continue the tradition now with our kids. Last night's conversation: Connor: How 'bout we do that thing where we tell you about our day? Me: Ok, but let me sit down first. Colin spills milk. Connor: We have to say prayers. The twins hurry and take a bite of food to bug their brother. 7 minutes later, a five-line prayer has been completed to Connor's satisfaction. Me: Connor, how was your day? Connor: It was good. Me: What did you do today? Connor: I played with G and F. Me: Did you do anything else? Connor: No. Good to know my $300/month for Catholic tuition is going for a good cause. Me: Colin, how was your day? Colin: Good, I play with Keira... Keira: No you didn't! I stayed here sick! Colin: I played with you at Grammy's. Keira: Oh yeah. Colin: There was a horse. It was orange. Pee-yew! (hol

Thanksgiving Thursdays #1

Rather than blog everyday about what I am thankful for (because seriously, I won't remember - apparently your memory goes when you have twins), I thought that throughout the month of November, I'd share my thankfulness for the week each Thursday. Nov 1 - I'm thankful that Keith's back surgery was cancelled. And am giving proper thanks to St. Therese , who did shower me with roses in answer to my prayers.  I'm also thankful that since he didn't have surgery, yet we had a scheduled day off of work together (and the kids had school), we got to spend the entire day together. Lunch at Panera, running errands, catching up on the DVR... perfect day. Nov 2 - I'm thankful for my autumn quilt, chamomile tea, and the ability to snuggle with my husband while watching Castle. Also thankful that my husband then went out in the cold, dark night to put gas in my car. Nov 3 - I am thankful that God blessed me with the most beautiful little girl in the world: Appar