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Girly Attitude

The other night, I said to Keira, "Come on, let's get in the tub." She looked at me, put up her hand in a stopping motion, and said, "WAIT." Then ran off. She's not even two years old.

What happens when mom doesn't take a sick day?

Or... When I fall apart, I really fall apart. A week ago Sunday, I fell down the stairs.  There were no children involved, no items in the way, nothing remotely possible to cause the fall except for me being an idiot.  But whatever.  Anyway, around that same time, both the boys started with colds, coughs and fever.  No biggie, we are used to it.  Hit me with a fever of 105 in either of the twins, we just get out the motrin and move on with our day... it's so common for those twinkles.   Sprained ankle Sunday also started out with a tickle in my throat, which again - completely normal.  Kids get sick, I get sick.  No biggie.  Keira came home from daycare on Tuesday with a fever.  Of course.  On Wednesday, my throat hurt.  My nose was stuffy.  It was the day before graduation and someone was depending on me.  Sprained ankle, stuffy nose, whatever, I went to work.  Thursday was a 13 hours day.  I sat down long enough to eat some pizza for dinner.  Friday, although completely exhau

Happiness Project #3

Boys with tattoos make me happy.  Specifically this boy: But nothing makes me happier than this boy being the wonderful daddy he is: I'm playing along with Leigh  today.

What kind of day will it be?

Today sucks - just a little.  It's graduation at the college where I work.  Somehow, every year I get roped into helping the Graduation person out.  She gets no help from anyone else with set up, so I really don't mind.  However, this year is not the best time for me.  Sunday, I somehow fell down the stairs at my house and sprained my ankle Don't worry - no children were harmed during this idiotic manuever.  In fact, no one/nothing was even in my way.  Apparently it was the first time I've ever walked down stairs. So here I am, hobbling along around campus, setting up for this huge event tonight.  I am told I must dress nicely. Nicely = heels.   Heels... sprained ankle.... working 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ..... awesomeness... .  Not to mention, those damn kids got me sick again.  Honestly, I love my kids.  I just wish one time when they got a cold, they wouldn't sneeze all over me and wipe their cute little hands on my face. My head hurts, I can't breathe, an

A great new book

I've been in love with vampires since before I saw Interview with the Vampire (when it first came out - yes I am that old).  For a long time, my reading obsession was Laurell K. Hamilton's book.  But they started losing their plots in place of very long, very descriptive S-E-X scenes.  I like plot to my books. When I discovered J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I was hooked after reading the first chapter of book one.  My life literally stops when reading about the brothers - the books are THAT good.  I've been waiting very un patiently for the newest one.  My wonderful sister-in-law is a librarian and got the book for me.  I came home last night to see it on the table.  I was REALLY excited.  Hubby - not so much, since he knows I will be unavailable for conversation, as well as housework, after the kids go to bed for the next few nights. ;)

Again with the weird kids

Yes, he is wearing a winter boot on his hand.   And two more on his feet.

The bag lady

Keira likes to collect things.  She usually can be found with her arms full of, well basically, crap.  As she walks and drops things, you can suggest to her to use a bag.  She will say "BAG!" happily and go to the toy bin to get a bag.  Or three.  When she has her bags, she also wants to wear her hat or hats, depending on the day.  One day last week, I had to take her to my mom's wearing a pink and blue Dora winter stocking hat with a sun hat on top of it.  She is an odd duck. Here is one of my favorite pictures of "the bag lady" as I like to call her. Yes, that is a winter boot hanging out of one of the bags.  The other one is  on her foot.  And on the other foot, one of Connor's crocs.  She likes to mix-and-match. The contents of her bag(s) change from hour to hour.  It depends on whatever she is coveting at the moment.  Last night, she moved on from bags to a stroller.  I get home from work to find her, hat on her head, two different sandals on, and

The Perfect Day

Mother's Day began with whispering in the next room. I heard it through the walls.  Then I heard the door open.  In walked Connor with a sippy cup of milk.  Keith carried the twins - Keira with a plastic mickey mouse bowl and spoon, Colin with the box of Chex (taped shut to keep hungry hands out).  Breakfast in bed.  Toddler-style. Perfect. Of course it was easier to actually go downstairs to have breakfast.  Especially since Keith then went to get my favorite breakfast - McDonalds' sausage/cheese mcmuffin and an iced vanilla coffee.  :)  The twins made me presents at school: Connor made me this card:  (It says 'love you to pieces') Keith gave me money and a note that said I can have a couple hours to myself.  Hmmm, what to get???  I am getting a Kindle soon.  Perhaps I will use the money on books for it, and then spend sometime at Starbucks all alone... drinking a dark cherry mocha frappacinno.  Have you tried one?  It's delish. That afternoon, after

What makes me happy today...

I'm playing along today for my first time! :) These are the flowers I got for mother's day.   I love walking past them and catching their beautiful scent.

Why I don't do art projects with the kids...

I wasn't able to get a picture of his green tongue for obvious reasons. Too busy trying to get something to clean him off.

My very own stalkers

There are 3 of them.  They are under 4 feet tall.  And they refuse to let me out of their sight when I am at home. It wouldn't be so bad, but with all three kids clamouring for my attention all the time, it makes it a tad hard to get things done.  When I get home from work, suddenly I acquire 2-3 new leg accessories.  Keira wants to be picked up.  Connor wants to go upstairs with me to change my clothes.  Colin may or may not be interested in me if Grammy is still there.  However, once she leaves, then I am cool enough for him.  He will take my hand and lead me to what he wants.  Keira actually told her brothers the other day, "Mommy MINE!" They are cute and all, but it gets old when they are standing at the bottom of the stairs, crying for me, when all I'm trying to do is put away some laundry.  Doesn't help Daddy's feelings either when he is right there with him, but still yelling for me. The only reason I truly don't mind is because I know someday

Top Three Thursday

The top three places I would like to visit would be: New Orleans. I love that place. It feels like home to me. I fell in love with New Orleans when reading Anne Rice's books. I've been lucky enough to visit it twice with my husband. We spent our honeymoon there. I'd love to go back and spend one of our wedding anniversary's there. Ireland. Just because I've always wanted to go there. Romania. Because I've always been obsessed with vampires and Vlad Tepes. I'd love to see the places that Bram Stoker described in Dracula. But that's a history major for you. ;)

Wiggles... here we come!

I first heard of the Wiggles because my niece loved to watch them.   I thought the men dancing around, singing to children were quite creepy .  But.... then Connor started watching the Wiggles.  He liked them enough to sing and dance to some of their songs.  I started to not be annoyed with their songs.   Then the twins were born.  Once they were old enough to really pay attention to the tv, I noticed that they really seemed to like them.  Colin especially.  He was so obsessed over the winter time, that we were only allowed to watch the Wiggles.  And he wanted them on all the time.  Not only that, but it couldn't be the same DVD over and over again.  He required a new DVD each time.  (Sure he can't talk, but he knows the difference between Wiggles DVDs!)  The Wiggles were on so much at our house that I would wake up at night with their songs in my head. The Wiggly Circus is coming to town in August.  Because I am dorky cool like that, I am part of the email newsletter they