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Finally Friday...

I haven't posted all week! I hate when life gets so busy that I don't have time to do the relaxing things I love to do. Although this was a crazy week, there were some highlights: I ordered new make-up! I switched to Bare Essentials over the summer.  It's pricy, but I love how it makes my skin feel.  I was running low on eyeshadow, so I went back to my old kind.  Within two days, I had developed an eye twitch. Now it could have been stress, because I do have a lot of that. But when I went back to B.E..... no more twitching!  This is what I bought: 9 brand new eye shadows! Keith was gone one night for dinner, so I decided to make it special for me and the kids: Oh and there was (another) snow day, so we had a fun afternoon playing games and generally wreaking havoc on my living room: TGIF! How was your week?

And the balls came crashing to the floor...

I had a temper tantrum today. It was much like the one my daughter was throwing at the same time. I, however, kept my pants on.  We were almost ready to walk out the door for school and work.  They had been less than stellar this morning - fighting with each other, crawling up the stairs because they couldn't walk up them, one was walking around with just one boot on because he didn't want to wear the other one.  The kitchen table was still full of crumbs from breakfast, my work bag was tipped over (and I was picturing my tomato soup spilling all over the inside...), and although she was dressed in her hat and coat, my daughter suddenly decided she didn't like the pants she had on.  They didn't fit right.  Of course, I told her, that is what I said 45 minutes earlier when she put them on. I told her then they didn't fit and she shouldn't wear them. And in her usual, independent way, she put her hands on her hips and told me I was wrong.  Who am I to argue

Without regret...

For some reason, this quote popped in my head while I was getting ready for work. "...We must be beautiful, powerful, and without regret." This is a quote from Interview with the Vampire , by Anne Rice. Sure, when Armand said it, he was referring to vampires.  But can't it also be applied to mommies as well??? All mothers are beautiful . The very act of giving birth is an act of beauty and creation.  This tiny little thing was made by you.  He or she is yours to love forever.  But after birth, you are left overweight (well most of us are), with stretch marks and other such physical and emotional reminders of what had happened.  Maybe you even use your body to nourish your child.  You spent all your time focusing on your kids, you forget yourself.  Your life becomes one of schedules, and diapers, and feedings, and more diapers.  But you need to take the time for yourself.  You need to find yourself within the mommy that you've become.  Rememb

The Morning Commute

The Morning Commute Eyes down, they find their seats, Take out their iPads and phones And work on the ride. The train squeaks and jolts, But they pay no mind: The unnatural glow of their screens Lulling them to complacency. I'm the only one looking out the window, Watching sleepy towns and snow-covered landscapes blur past.... Before we even reach the station, They pack their bags and line up at the door. Swarms of us move quickly down the stairs and onto the walkway. Briskly they brush past, Searching for openings in the sea of men and women wrapped in winter coats on their way to... Somewhere. As we reach street-level, The crowd thins out some And it's amazing to watch. But watch carefully for falling ice from El train tracks, slush on the sidewalk and hurried people (eyes still down) rushing to get somewhere. The crosswalk countdown goes fast, but I make it across before the cabbie lays on the horn and speeds through the intersection. Ah, Chicago in w