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Christmas Card Photo Idea

I have big plans to get the kids all dressed up in cute Christmas outfits and have them stand on a beautiful snow-covered lawn for their Christmas picture. However, this past weekend, the kids decided they all wanted to sit on the little couch we have. (The one we don't really allow them to play with anymore due to them tipping it over and climbing it.) So now I have this cute picture: Granted Colin looks stoned and Connor is watching the Wiggles on TV, but I just may break down and use it for my cards. Do you know how tired I am? I'm not sure I have the energy to stage the photoshoot that exists in my head. Besides, there is no snow. And it will take forever to dress three uncooperative kids in their holiday gear. And once I let them loose in an open space, there is no guarantee I will be able to catch all of them to pose them. I may have Keith photoshop the background out so that people can't see how trashed the living room is. ;)


One of my pet peeves is that Christmas comes too early. Not the actual holiday, but everything else. Society somehow thinks that Christmas trees should reside next to pumpkins and other Halloween decorations. There is a local radio station that switches to all Christmas music all the time in November. Last year, I think it switched over on November 1. Sickening. This year, they waited until this past Saturday, I think due to complaints they received last year about doing it too early. Anyway, I refuse to listen to any and all Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. However... Last Wednesday was my floating holiday. I took the day off to start my Christmas shopping (since weekends are limited due to the family room improvement project that was supposed to take a month but will really take two). I am very ashamed to admit I broke out one of my favorite CDs, The Best of Christmas, Part One. You can't find this CD in any store since I made it myself. It's got all

Only a few days late...

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Halloween. We had a small Halloween party at our house, then took my niece and Connor trick-or-treating. We ended the night visiting my mom at the hospital where she works and then checking in on Uncle Tommy who was in ICU, due to complications with his diabetes. Here is Red and the Big Bad Wolf. (Shockingly, the Wiggles are on. They are Colin's newest obsession.) The wolf did not care for the hood. And also quickly discovered the zipper, allowing him to try to strip down to his diaper. I tried to get her to carry a basket, but she insisted on the lovey. Baby Reid enjoying his first Halloween. The only group photo of my kids. Belle remarked to Curious George that even though her boyfriend was supposed to be a beast, a monkey would do.