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I think daycare is trying to kill my family

We are in the midst of yet another illness. It's the 8,129 one since the twins started daycare in September. We really like the place, but they only get to go like half the time because the other half of the time they are at home sick. This month we had the stomach flu, colds, quadruple ear infections, and currently some sort of fever virus. When I called daycare to let them know that the twins would not be coming (again), the director mentioned to me - "the first year in group care sure is a killer!" Gee, ya think? Oh goody, only another 6 months of illness to look forward too. Next time, I'd like an illness that causes me to be quarrantined for a few days. Preferably in a hotel room, with 24-hour room service. Yesterday was another sick day spent at home. Luckily, Connor was finally well enough to start preschool. I don't have a picture of him ready for school since, due to the never-ending family room improvement project, our computer is not hooked up and

Placing blame

My sister sent me a text last night telling me that my kids gave her the stomach flu. The weekend that Keira and Colin first got sick, my MIL and SIL had it too. It was only a matter of time before my side of the family got it. Currently my sister lives with my parents, so I didn't want to send Colin over there today and expose him yet again. He just now got over the lasting side effects of it. My MIL bravely decided to take on all three of my kids - for the first time. Actually this is the first time that all three have been left home alone with someone other than my husband or I. It's not that they are a handful, but they really are. ;) My boss was kind enough to let me take a couple hours of personal time this afternoon, so MIL isn't stuck all day with the troublesome trio. I just hope they aren't too crabby/whiney/naughty for her. I just keep holding out hope that February will be a better month for the family.

My special place

Since I can't really just up and go to New Orleans (at least not until spring 2011 when my work hopefully sends me there for a conference!), I look at pictures of my home away from home wistfully and think of better times. You know, when my kids were not STILL suffering from the after effects of the stomach flu that started over a week ago. Or when I still had sick time available at work. Or before I almost broke down crying in my boss's office when I told her I had to leave to go get my sick kids at daycare even though I don't have any sick time to take (which then luckily my husband was able to pick them up). Before phone calls from daycare asking me what exactly is wrong with my children and why are they still having gross diapers? (I swear - they were fine for two days before we sent them to daycare.) I keep telling my husband I am depressed due to our sucky, sick lifestyle that has been plaguing us since September. The crappy, cloudy winter weather does not help I am

Life after the stomach flu

Ugh. Keira on Friday, Colin on Sunday early morning, Keith on Monday night, me on Tuesday early morning, and Connor - still recuperating. He'd be better if he wasn't a really picky eater and would just eat something. I've missed two days of work the week before classes start, so I came back to 37 emails, 38 new transcript evaluation requests, who knows how many voice mails, and have since developed an eye twitch from the stress. I need a vacation.

My baby is going to preschool

Through a surprising turn of events (and my husband getting confused when talking to the twins' daycare director), Connor will be starting pre-school. Next week! We had big plans to start him this past fall at the same school where my niece goes. We thought that since he would do well knowing Lexi was in the class with him. However, my attempts at potty-training failed this past summer. (Well actually I didn't try too hard, because I was quite busy chasing the destructive duo around as well. And with only one bathroom - upstairs - it wasn't very easy to stop every 1/2 hour to do a bathroom break.) So then I had high hopes of doing a late start pre-school in October. Then November. Then January. As my winter break came and went without any excitement from Connor to stop wearing diapers ('But I lobe my di-dees, mommy!), it was decided that Keith would ask the daycare about what kind of program was available for a diaper-loving 3.5 year old. He was supposed to inquire a

11 Glorious Days

Working in education does have its fine points. The school closes between Christmas and New Year's, so I get some time to pretend I am a stay at home mom. Ignoring the fact that my pleurisy still hasn't gone away, Keira's sinus infection, the fact that Connor may have to go to kindergarten in diapers because he hates potty training, and the 1,000 hours of Wiggles watched, it was a really great time. Oh and don't forget the 18 month well-baby visit for the twins. 2 parents, 3 toddlers and a doctor with needles crammed in a 12x12 room. Good times. When I tried to stop Colin from removing the contents of the garbage can, he bit me on the stomach. The mark lasted for a week. The Wiggles thing has to do with Colin. He's got these two teeth that just won't pop through, so he is in a major good mood most of the time. The ONLY thing that will stop his whining (besides his pacifier and eating) is the Wiggles. He is pretty smart for his young age of 18 months. We are sim