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Not so picky eaters

Connor has always been a picky eater. After we started him on solids, he would only eat oatmeal. And drink milk like a sieve. We could mix baby food fruit or veggies in with the oatmeal, and that would be okay. But getting him interested in other foods took a really, really long time. As in now, at age 3.5, he eats maybe 7 things on a regular basis. If that. I think God knew that if he gave me twins, he would need to give me a pair who liked to eat so that I wouldn't lose my sanity. And eat, they do. All the time if you would let them. And they try new foods! I can't get over that. I'm so used to Connor being given something, and hearing "I no like ___". But with the twinkies, they love food. And they like the healthy stuff too. They love fruit, Colin especially. It was no surprise that one of their first (few) words was 'banana'. But let's talk about dinner time. We give them their dinner on their high chair trays. Connor gets his pl

When Twins Share

I'm a planner. So when I got pregnant with Connor, I read books. When I found out I was having twins, I read some more books. Many of them said you do not need two of everything when you have twins. This makes sense for a lot of things: swings, bouncers, jumperoos, etc. We live in a tri-level, so it actually did make sense for us to have more than one of certain things, mainly so I wouldn't have to drag two babies, a toddler, a swing and a bouncer from floor to floor during the day. Much of the reading material I looked at also stated that you do not need two of each toy either when you have twins. And perhaps that is true in most cases. But for my twins, I do need two. Because when you only have one of something, and one twin has it, the other one simply will not stand for not having it. Be it a book, a hat, Baby Tad (which still technically belongs to big brother), or even an unopened bottle of dressing (the kids like to raid the pantry and pull stuff out). At th

Poor Pretty...

Before I went to bed on Saturday night, I checked on the kids. Keira felt warm. Temp = 101.0. By Tuesday morning, we had had enough with the high fevers, so off to the doctor's she went. Both the twins were diagnosed with double EIs on January 20 and just finished with their antibiotics last week. But my poor pretty girl hangs on to them longer (ped is thinking due to her facial structure - it's more round than Colin's). Anyway, she still has her double EI. She got a shot of rocephin (sp?) and went back today for another one. Apparently the ped was not thrilled with how it's responding because it was only slightly better than yesterday. Another round of oral antibiotics. MIL just called a little while ago. Now Colin has a fever. I am so so tired of that word. And waking up at 4 a.m. to an EARTHQUAKE shaking my house was no fun either.

Official First Haircuts

Colin really needed his hair cut, so we made an appointment to get the boys' hair cut. I trimmed Keira's bangs the other day, so she no longer looked like a baby, but like a big girl! Once we had Colin in the chair, the stylist who cut Connor's hair offered to trim Keira's. We figured, why not? She wasn't too cooperative when I tried to do her bangs, and the back did need a trim. Plus with the boys' cuts, we had filled up our "cut card", and Keira's trim ended up being free. Colin - before Keira - before Colin - after Keira - after Connor - after

First Day of School Ever!

Last week, after two weeks of illness, Connor was finally able to start preschool! I had planned on taking the morning off of work to take him, but the twins had a fever virus (shocking - they were sick again!), so I had the day off work. Grammy came over to watch the twins for me to take Connor. He did so well. He didn't even care when I left. And I didn't even cry! ;) When he got home (Grammy picked him up and they ran errands for awhile), it was almost dinner time. I asked him how his day was. He told me they listened to music and ate oreos. The music thing I believe. I am not so sure about the oreos! But he seemed to really like it and that is the most important thing. Here is a picture of him as we were getting ready to go: