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Book Review: The Leading Lady

I just finished reading Deb Marlowe 's newest book, The Leading Lady (Book two in the Half Moon House Series).  I have to say, this is a great series, and a great book! Lord Truitt is a man who is desperately trying to recover his honor, after it was ruined by Lord Marstoke.  Miss Callie Grant, who is first introduced to us in the book by passionately standing up for a friend, has hidden her true identity but finds she must work with Tru (and pretend to be his wife)!  Of course, Hestia Wright plays an important role. I loved seeing the snippets of her journal at the start of each chapter, allowing us an more in-depth look at her. An author who can merge two stories like that together shows a lot of strength, and Ms. Marlowe pulls it off! This isn't just a romance book, but it's filled with mystery and intrigue, designed to keep the reader on her toes.  You find yourself immediately drawn into the story. The characters are strongly developed.  Ms. Marlowe's writ

2015 Summer Bucket List

Normally I do a great big bucket list, with lots of fun things planned.  This year, it's a little different, due to my health situation.  But still there are things that I'd like to do.  It's hard to plan certain things, especially since I do not have surgery date scheduled. So we will work with the time we have! I like to have fun with these things, and I don't hold myself to completely everything on there. But the kids get a kick out of crossing things off!

Mother's Day Weekend

*Editor's Note - I started this post Sunday night. My week has been so out of control, that I am just finishing it on Thursday! I ended up having the best Mother's Day! The whole weekend was nice - but Sunday was especially relaxing.  The kids didn't fight like they did on Saturday. :)  We went to dinner on Saturday night with Keith's family. The kids were happy with their ice cream dessert! Then on Sunday, they let me sleep in (sort of): Then I came downstairs to this (and a special breakfast treat!): The twins each made me a flower magnet with their picture on it. Connor made me a vase with three flowers in it. On the stem of each flower is something he can do for me (cook me dinner, give me a hug, help me with anything I ask). We went to Family Mass at church, where there was a crowning for the Blessed Mother.  All the kids brought up a flower to the Mary statue - it was so sweet to watch. The kids behaved during Mass - perhaps it had something to do

Five For Friday

This week started off great! Monday morning, I was on time for work - excited that this was the first week since the end of February where I did not need to use sick time for lab work or doctor's appointments. I treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts iced decaf coffee, half cream in celebration. Before work, I sent off a quick email to my kidney doc with my recent blood pressure readings.  (My bp is running high due to the steroids I'm on.)  I was super excited to share that my numbers had been down!  And then the week went downhill from there. I was paying so much attention to the top number, I didn't realize that the bottom number still wasn't in the correct range. Which meant an email back from Dr. A stating that I needed to immediately start a super restricted low sodium diet. I had already changed my diet quite a bit when all of this started, so all my fun happy foods are gone.  Now there isn't much left.  The biggest decisions I've made this week are whether

A Letter to the 17-Year Old Me

Dear Me, Hi! This letter is from you, only 20 years older. Sure, 37 sounds really old right now, but to be honest, it's not that bad. Well.... it wasn't that bad up until March 2, 2015. Can you believe it's 2015? No there aren't any flying cars or robot takeovers...yet.  Overall life is pretty good, by picture-perfect Facebook standards (Facebook - it's a computer thing. Remember that crappy PC your parents have in the basement... it gets a lot better!) Anyway, in 20 years, you will married to a totally awesome tattooed guy who builds you things, but spends way too much time training for Ironmans. ;) You will live in a nice house, although when you get married and start looking at 3 bedroom forever homes, think twice, and splurge for a four bedroom.  You will be blessed beyond belief with a beautiful little boy in 2006, and then in 2008, you will receive the surprise of your lifetime (unbeknownst to you, twins DO run in your family!). In October 2014, you

What Do I Want for Mother's Day?

It's May, which means Mother's Day! So I'm putting together a list of ideas that my husband can get me.  Keith - you're welcome. ;) Actually he already bought me something, and then forgot to hide it in the garage. So I will let you guys guess what it is based of my list. It's something I've wanted for a few years. And since I know what I am getting, he should probably pick up something else to surprise me with, right? LOL I need a comfy chair for our deck. :) Jewelry - you can't go wrong with jewelry. And this locket from PennyJules is so gorgeous! By the way, I have a few of her pieces. Great quality, beautiful jewelry. I highly recommend her etsy shop! This desktop calendar for my desk at work. It's already made, just sitting in my Shutterfly account, waiting for someone to order it. (While you are there, pick up the magnet set I made from our Disney trip too!) And for my big time dream list (because it's wayyyyyyy to much),