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Problems at School

On both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I was notified that Colin was being picked on by another child in the 2 year old classroom.  The first day, I received an incident report that stated this child had kicked Colin.  The second day, the same child pushed Colin four different times for no apparent reason. Ironically, on both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, school sent notes regarding Keira's aggressive behavior towards another child in the classroom.  Apparently, she kicked the child one day.  The next day, she pushed him four times. Ahhhh..... the blessings of having twins..........

Happiness is.... work???

Since I get to look at this today, that means I am no longer sitting at home, surrounded by kids with the stomach flu.  (My husband is.)  ;)  It's been five and a half days since I've been at work. And strangely enough, I am kind of glad to be here.  Although I've got two giant piles of work that are glaring at me.......

I needed one of these...

Happiness is: Ahhh... it's the little things. In other news, the kids had a great Valentine's day yesterday.  They went to school and had their parties.  They came home with lots of valentines and candy.  They got to have their favorite dinner -yellow pizza - (cheese bread from a local pizza place).  Cupid brought them presents.  Then we watched a little Max and Ruby and went to bed. Two hours later, the children who refuse to stay in their beds and go to sleep, were finally asleep.  Just in time for Mommy and Daddy to watch Castle and enjoy a milkshake.

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Ninja

I had no idea we had a ninja living in our house.  Colin sneaks in and out of rooms in the early morning so quickly, you don't know he is standing right beside you (or in front of you) until it's too late. The other morning, at 5 a.m., he woke up in his toddler bed, and called for me.  I went in, gave him his lovey, and told him to go back to sleep.  He said ok.  Minutes later, I sensed a presence standing next to the bed.  Kind of creepy. We laid in bed while Keith went into the bathroom to get ready.  I heard just the slight crinkling of sheets, and opened my eyes to see Colin, sliding off the bed and running out. Yesterday morning, I went to get him up for school.  Imagine my surprise (and small heart attack), when I noticed his bed was empty.  Keith had opened the gate that goes downstairs, and the silent ninja had snuck down two levels of stairs without anyone noticing. This morning, Keith and I were downstairs eating breakfast.  The only clue was a series of sneezes

Organizing Priorities

One of the things I feel I need to focus on as a working mother of three children under five is my priorites.  Of course, my number one priority is my family.  And it will always be that way.  But sometimes I need to work on the other important things in my life.  Those things that seem to have fallen by the wayside after having three children in two years.  A question that has been coming up lately for me is:  "What do I want to accomplish with my life?"  Obviously the marriage, kids and family accomplishments have been huge, but I'm only 33 (right? I'm 33?) - there is a lot of life left for me.  Along with that question comes this one: "If I could do anything with my life, what would it be?" So as I look to answer those questions this year, I also need to focus on setting my priorities.  This week's goals are: Make a list of my top ten priorities/goals.  They need to reflect what is important to me.  I will keep them in a prime spot so t


Keira is 2 1/2.  And she talks.  A lot. Some phrases from this past weekend: "Colin, don't drink my water. That's nasty!" "Dora is in trouble for not staying in her bed."  "I used to be in mommy's tummy with Colin." "I love purple.  I love pink.  I love hearts. They're my favorite." "Where my stick-lip (chapstick)?  Put it up high so the boys don't get it." Keira crying..."daddy just yelled at me!" Me: "Why?" Keira: "I bit Colin." Me: "Why did you bite Colin?" Keira: "Because I bit him." Keira: "I show Grammy my pretty dress (new princess nightgown). I so pretty, right Mommy?" Me: "Keira you are actually quite beautiful, did you know that?" Keira: "Yes."

Snowpacalypse 2011

I live in the Midwest.  Near Chicago. I am used to snow. But a blizzard? With thunder and lightning? Kinda freaky. Thankfully, my loves and I were nice and cozy at home, not stranded on LSD. That is our vegetable garden. The fence around the garden is about 2 1/2 feet tall, but you can only see the tops. Our back door/deck before shoveling After shoveling

Happiness is date night...

Date night Dinner at the theater Jason Statham in New Orleans Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Martini Movie Popcorn with extra butter Fun shopping afterwards (for me!) Lincoln Park at Midnight Kids fast asleep when we got home