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Who will kill me first?

Colin is our daredevil. It's no surprise anymore to catch him hanging off the back of a kitchen chair or climbing on the couch, almost flipping off the back of it in an attempt to pull at my sheer curtains. He is an ER visit waiting to happen. However, last night Keith brought the kids home and put them all in our super elegant playyard that makes up most of our living room. And yes we are quite dumb because our couch is currently located in the playyard. He went upstairs for just a moment (or so he says). When he came back down, he was not surprised to see Colin standing on the couch, yanking on my sheers. The big jaw-dropping moment was when he looked to the other end of the couch, and there was Miss Petunia, laughing and playing with the curtains. On the couch. My late walker with the low-muscle tone has learned to climb. Awesome.

A few of my favorite (fall) things

I love fall. Not just because my wedding anniversary is the day before Halloween, although that is a bonus. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I was lucky enough to plan a beautiful autumn and Halloween themed wedding and reception. (More on that in October.) But here are just a few of the reasons that I love this time of year: Pumpkin coffee and lattes: Fall decorations: My niece, Alexis, and I on her first Halloween Candy corn (although Keith loves it more than me) How cute my kids look all dressed up (Oct 2008): The trees, as they go through their yearly ritual of change. Green leaves turn to bright orange, sunny golds, and deep auburn. They scatter the ground and create a beautiful sound under our feet as we walk. The cool breeze as it turns into a sharp wind, creating the need for jackets and scarves. "Just before the death of flowers, And before they are buried in snow, There comes a festival season When nature is all aglow." Author Unknown "Even if som

Then and Now...

Connor at 1 year old: Connor at 3 years old: Where has my baby gone???

The sickies

The twins started their new daycare last Tuesday (long story). Anyway, they only go two days a week. Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, Connor came down with a bad cold. On Thursday, the twins got sick. Keira was extra super-duper crabby - turns out she is getting all 4 molars and two eye teeth in. At once. The twins were on the mend, but on Monday night, Keira had a fever, probably due to teething. But they won't take fevers at daycare, so they missed their third day. And we misunderstood the policy (part-time is different than full-time) so by not sending either kid, we lost out on $110. I stayed home with everybody and it literally was the day from hell. Having caught their cold, I felt crappy. And the twins cried most of the day. Connor started acting up in the afternoon too. I heard Colin crying and I asked Connor if he hit Colin. He said no. Then I asked him why was Colin crying. Connor replied, "Because I hit him." Hmpf. Finally by Wednesday ni

Vertigo - it's not just a rooftop bar in Chicago...

After a lovely weekend with the family which included eating out (in a real restaurant!) , I woke Monday morning to the room spinning. Just my luck to be diagnosed with vertigo. No real cause, no real cure. Somewhat of a waste to drive all the way to Urgent Care to be told it could last for 3 weeks or so. This diagnosis was added to my never-ending list titled, "Weird things that happen to Sarah" Other items on the list include: Being kissed by a gas station attendant Having some random (drunk) guy grab my behind while on a tour of New Orleans Having some 12 year old kid try to grope me while I was walking around a college campus Having to swing and hit the kid with my umbrella Winning $1,000 on a scratch lottery ticket (not all the weird things are bad things) Winning a gift certificate to a jewelry store and using it to buy a nicer wedding band with diamonds in it Getting pregnant with twins even though I never did fertility treatments and twins do NOT run in my