Last week, I was off of work two days. One, an unscheduled sick day. The other, a very scheduled, very needed mental health day. (Plus I had to use up my personal day before the end of our year, June 30.)

It was just the break I needed.

First, the kids' stuff:

Mismatch Day at Preschool

Kindergarten Graduation
Beach Party Night at Colin's Speech School
Now for the "ME" stuff:
I gardened
(Is that even a word?)

I prettied up the deck
I went for a run
I ate a healthy lunch.

I got out my summer clothes
and organized my closet.

I read some more.
I snuck in an AWESOME movie with my husband.

We had popcorn

 When the kids came home from school, I felt refreshed.

It was something I hadn't felt in months.

So glad for some me time before we start on our summer bucket list.


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