I'm not a perfect mom, I just play one on my blog

I read a blog recently that talked about food.  The mom was very careful to say she buys farm-fresh food, only organic fruits and veggies, blah blah blah.  Then she added how she fed her child a hot dog.  But she couldn't just say hot dog.  She had to specify it was nitrate free, turkey based, something or other.

But why?

Who cares?

Is she so afraid of being judged for giving her child a real hot dog that she must waste precious words of her post making it damn clear that it was a super-healthy hot dog?

Let me stand up and be the first to say I feed my kids real hot dogs.  Well all-beef ones, but still. 

I didn't cloth diaper, not because I don't care about the environment, but because I'm lazy, and it's gross to me.  However, I am planning on buying some cloth pull-ups because it's cheaper.........

I didn't exclusively breast-feed, and my kids turned out fine.

My kids have ketchup almost every night at dinner.

My kids eat McDonalds.  Like once a week.  Ahhh! The horror!  
(Amanda, if you read this, this is NOT directed at you.)

And they watch too much tv.

So judge away.


Here is the thing.  All the blogs I choose to read are great blogs.  Written by women who feel they are making the right decision for their children.  And I support that.  I'm not judging the nitrate-free hot dog mom.  I just don't know why it matters.  Can't you just say, I fed my kid a hot dog?  Why must us moms constantly try to prove that we are super-moms who do everything perfectly, who make ideal meals 3 times a day, create only educationally stimulating environments, don't allow our children to watch television, etc.

It's like we are too afraid of being judged, being slammed, and being spammed that we can't just say what we want. We have to be super-specific so as not to offend anyone.

Mommyhood isn't a competition about who does what better. 

It's about comaraderie, solidarity, and support. 

Now, I do have some wonderful mommy friends who EBF, cloth diaper, and only feed their children organic food.  And I think those mommys are simply wonderful.  So wonderful in fact, I am posting a link to this blog on my FB page, knowing that some of those mommies might look at this post. 

And I am hoping that I have not offended anyone, because as I've said before, there is no right or wrong way to do this crazy thing called parenting.  YOU choose what is best for you and your children.  And I hope that while you are reading this, you aren't thinking: Man, she's a bitch.  So yes I am contradicting myself in my own post. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

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