Time for me

Today's prompt for Working Mommy Wednesday is:

How do you carve out personal time for yourself?

I'd like to say that I excel at this every day.
But I'd be lying.
In fact, I just realized that I don't carve out personal time for me.
At all.

Sometimes I go to the gym.
Does that count?
Sometimes I run to Target at 9 p.m. at night to return something.
Does that count?

To be honest, this is the one area where I fail.

And because I don't take time for me, I feel stressed almost all the time.
I'm having heart palpitations again.
And my kidneys are leaking protein.
I'm basically falling apart because I don't take care of ME the way I should.

A pitfall of being a mother.

So let me ask you -

How should I carve out personal time for myself?

Besides leaving my family behind and booking a flight for Hawaii...........

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