Oh Keira

Picture this:  Tuesday night. Bath night.  Half-naked kids running around while daddy fills up the tub.  Keira hands me her shorts.  Then her diaper.  I tell her to go find Daddy.

She comes back into her room.  Her hands are wet.  She looks at me and cries, "WET!"  She seems upset.  I think to myself, that's weird, she likes to stick her hands in the bath water...

It was then I noticed her feet were wet too.  I call to Keith, "Did Keira stick her hands in the tub?"


Well, then.  How come she is wet?

I look out to hall.  Hmmmmmm.............

In her excitement to take a tubby, she peed and ran down the hall.  Large wet spot here; another one over there.

I get her into the bathroom.  Corral her brothers into the bathroom.

I get two towels for the large wet spots on the carpet.

Later, Keith asked me how many places did she pee? 

My answer: "Well based on the number of wet spots I've stepped on, and counting the towels I've got down...SIX."

Ah well. Such is life.

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