I think daycare is trying to kill my family

We are in the midst of yet another illness. It's the 8,129 one since the twins started daycare in September. We really like the place, but they only get to go like half the time because the other half of the time they are at home sick.

This month we had the stomach flu, colds, quadruple ear infections, and currently some sort of fever virus.

When I called daycare to let them know that the twins would not be coming (again), the director mentioned to me - "the first year in group care sure is a killer!" Gee, ya think? Oh goody, only another 6 months of illness to look forward too. Next time, I'd like an illness that causes me to be quarrantined for a few days. Preferably in a hotel room, with 24-hour room service.

Yesterday was another sick day spent at home. Luckily, Connor was finally well enough to start preschool. I don't have a picture of him ready for school since, due to the never-ending family room improvement project, our computer is not hooked up and I can't upload pics.

However, while Connor was at school and running errands with MIL, the destructive duo and I got to hang out all day. Their favorite game? Putting on their hats, grabbing numerous purses/bags, and heading to "work". I wave at them, tell them to have a good day at work, they blow me a kiss, wave back, and head to the front door. I love it.

Here are two pictures from our day. Excuse the quality - I took them on my phone, sent them to facebook, downloaded them to my work computer and uploaded them here. There might be an easier way, but I'm too exhausted/depressed from all the sickness to try.


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