A Season of Change

We've had a busy couple of years. 2015, the year of health crises (or the year of the transplant). 2016, the year of recovery (because even though I bounced back from surgery well, it took awhile for things to get back to normal.  Heck, our office is still not recovered with the mess in there. ;) )  So of course, I had to go big with 2017, and it became the year of change.

For a variety of reasons, personal and educational-focused, I chose to remove the kids from their private Catholic school and switch them to public. While this is a big deal to the kids (new school, new friends), you'd think it wouldn't be that big of deal for me. But it is. I attended the same school 100 years ago. I grew up in the parish. I received the sacraments from Baptism to Marriage there. It's my home.

But when you are me, and you pull from private to public, but still want your kids to have a Catholic education and be confirmed when they are older, you need to find a religious education (RE) program that fits.  I had to make a decision to switch churches so we could join the new church's RE program. I officially did it last week. This church is closer, the RE program is more affordable, and I have the option to "home school" the kids in grades 4th-6th.

So here we are: 2 new schools (middle school and elementary), fall sports, more homework, middle school LOCKERS, a new church, and the option to teach my kids at home and still have them be able to be confirmed in 2 to 4 years (depending on which kids) has put me into some sort of midlife crisis feeling. It's a lot to take on, along with work, the paperwork (times 3!) that goes along with new schools, doctor and dentist visits, blood work (did you know they check cholesterol at the 11 year old screening?), vaccines, back to school shopping (because they can't wear uniforms anymore!), and a husband who spends a lot of time training for this past weekend's 70.3 Ironman!
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