Take it easy...

Take it easy, take it easy
Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy...

My grandma died on Tuesday night.  I was able to hold her hand and say goodbye.  But life went on the very next day as though nothing had happened for the rest of the world.  The day before, I had Keith take Keira to the doctor because she had been having stomach pain for 3 days. (Don't worry, she's fine.). Thursday morning, we were getting ready for school/work, and I saw that our fish had died.  The twins brought Benny home from school a few years ago. They had Keith bury him in the yard, and hope to have him carve a memorial cross for their beloved betta fish. Keith is thrilled. ;) Work was extremely stressful this week. I barely had time to complete important projects, as I ran from meeting to meeting (or drove 2 hours one way for a meeting at another school).  And Friday, I celebrated 6 months with my new little kidney.

This week was the busiest, craziest one we've had in quite awhile.  That's ok, though, I know how to roll with the punches and go right along with life. Even when all those around me have no idea what really goes on in my head on most days.  Or the fact that my comfort song this week was The Eagles, Take It Easy.  Sure the song *seems* like it's all about someone getting it on with his women, but certain lyrics resonate with me.

I didn't get any of the bathrooms cleaned this weekend.  My kitchen floor is unswept and someone stepped on a Pringle so there are a few crumbs under the table.  And I can't tell, but there is a squirrel in my backyard that is either dying or getting ready to give birth (hoping it's neither).  But yesterday after getting the kids' haircuts, they played outside on the first real spring day we've had this year.  They had pasta for supper while having movie night.  Today, I took them to see Ice Age 4 for free at the local theater while Keith went on some sort of gravelly road bike ride.  After we enjoyed the movie, we picked up lunch for ourselves and my uncle and headed to visit him for awhile.  After some downtime at home, we packed up again for the library (we may have had some overdue books...such is life) and surprise ice cream cones.  Why? Because I wanted to.  Supper was pizza and Scooby Doo while we wait for Keith to get home before bed.

We may lose and we may win
But we will never be here again...

Lyrics play through my head and I think how oftentimes you blink and don't notice what's going on.  Or you are so focused on the Pringle crumbs that you forget to play with your kids.  I can't change the fact that we won't always have such carefree weekends or even simple hours to ourselves, but I can make sure to take some deep breaths and enjoy life.

Oh we got it easy
We oughta take it easy...
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