Hello October!

It's here! My favorite time of year! For fun, I'm going to list just a few of my favorite October things. :)

Spooky stories:

When I was in grade school, I found this book (yes I tended to read things that I probably shouldn't have at certain ages). It was the best, spookiest book I'd ever seen at that time. Every year, when the leaves began to change colors and fall from the trees, I would check this book out from the library.  I'd sit in our darkened living room in the evenings after supper and treat myself to one scary story after another. Once I went to college, I lost the tradition. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found the book on Amazon. It was even scarier than I remembered - especially the story called "Eyes" by Charles L. Grant. In fact, as a mother (it's about the death of a child and the guilt the father endures) I can't read the story anymore. But all the other ones are super good!

Devilish Decor:

Here is a link to how I usually decorate. I do wait until October officially starts to get out my Halloween decor, so this weekend it's on!

I am going to be brave and get out a few things I haven't had out since the kids were born. Every year, I try to take out one new thing (the skeleton bride/groom was a big scary thing for a couple of years!). This time, I am going to put out some of my Living Dead Dolls. I collected these long before the kids came into the picture. They aren't actually little kid appropriate, and they live in coffins... I did promise not to bring out the super scary ones though.  A few that will grace the mantel include:

Just kidding - I won't put the bloody bride and groom out!
(Unless Keira gives her approval!)


Seriously I can't help it. I love it all.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you decorate for it?
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