Book Review: My Enchanting Hoyden

Julie Johnstone's newest novel, My Enchanting Hoyden, was just released last week. As usual, this is another one of her books that is just a delight to read! 

Jemma is a woman who has been duped by her first love. Intent on not wanting to ever make that mistake again, her goal is to earn enough money to be independent and have her own bakery, just like her mother. That's not easy when her grandfather has different plans. Lord Hawthorne, otherwise known as Philip, has a debt to fulfill and marriage to a wealthy woman is his only way out. But he feels he is too much of a gentleman to win a lady's heart, and is intent on changing his reputation to gain a wealthy wife.

As the two of them work together, Jemma to foil her grandfather's plan, and Philip to turn himself into a rogue to be wanted by the ladies of the ton, the reader roots for the two of them to acknowledge their feelings for each other!

This is a really great story. The characters are very likeable from the beginning.  Ms. Johnstone's characters are always so full of life that you can imagine having tea and getting along famously with them.  While this is book 3 in her Once Upon a Rogue series, it can be read as a standalone. Or as the first book of many you pick up to read by this author. ;)

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