Back to School - Creating a Homework Station

School starts tomorrow. I am trying to get things organized in between working full-time. Ha!

We had already been using a shoe organizer in our closet off the kitchen for miscellaneous items, such as hats and gloves in the winter, and sunglasses and baseball hats in the summer.  By moving those things to a different spot, I had plenty of space for our homework supplies. The kids love the ease of being able to find what they want without having to dig through the closet or a drawer!

Full view
Close-up #1: The first three bags are the kids' markers for art.
The bottom two bags hold pencils, erasers, crayons and a glue stick for each twin
Close-up #2 Misc markers, rulers,
and art supplies for when homework is done
and they just want to create something!
Art supplies, extra markers (Keith got a great deal at Meijer!)
Stamps, envelopes, return address labels,
Connor's box with his school pencils and crayons.

* I had previously posted this on my other blog, but wanted to move it over here.  
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