Summer Fun

So we are working our way through our Summer Bucket List! Besides what has been crossed off, we did some things not on the list as well!

We went to the zoo! Sat in the splash zone for the dolphin show and got soaked! We also rode the carousel, ate bison burgers, saw the penguins, and shopped for a special toy.

Last week was Connor's last night game for baseball.  My mom and dad had promised a cool ice cream treat to celebrate, so after the team won (yay!), we headed for ice cream!  They have these cool tables where you can play chess while you wait.

We went to the Farmer's Market and had lemon shake-ups! It was pretty hot yesterday, so then we headed to my uncle's for some swimming.  My parents also found a nifty wagon at an estate sale, so they bought it and hooked it up to my uncle's riding lawn mower. Instant tractor ride!

Of course, it was Father's day too. The kids saw some fun stuff at the dollar store earlier in the week, so after Connor's baseball game, we went shopping!  Fireworks and silly spray were at the top of the list. (Keith was thrilled ;) )

This week, the twins turn.... SEVEN! I cannot believe it. I am off work for a couple of days, and we've got a couple of adventures planned.  Daddy started a new job, so he can't play with us during the day, but we've got evening fun too. :)
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