Father's Day Gift Ideas

My husband always lucks out - the kids make Mother's Day gifts for me at school.  I, on the other hand, must get creative and come up with something for him every year.  I won't say what the kids are going to do for him - in fact, since he reads my blog sometimes, I won't even say if the idea is listed below! But for you fellow moms out there looking for ideas, here are a few things I came up with to help!

Make a memory jar!  Fill it a few favorite pictures of dad and the kids for a lasting memory.

Help dad out by giving him a choice. Make him some coupons, such as helping out with yard work, free snuggles at bedtime, car wash, or an undisturbed nap!

A DIY-treat jar! Yum!

For the coffee drinker - all you need is a blank mug and some painters pens!

For the Disney fan

For the Handy-Man Dad!

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