Book Review: Hell on Wheels

If you are looking for a super fun mystery read, I highly recommend Sue Ann Jaffarian's Odelia Grey series.  Odelia is a plus-size paralegal living in California who finds herself attracting more dead bodies than she knows what to do with! 

Hell on Wheels is book 9 in the series. This time, tragedy strikes a friend, and Odelia and her husband, Greg, quickly are tangled up in a new case. Did you know there was a sport called quad rugby? It was very interesting to read about.

After witnessing a murder on court, Odelia and Greg work together with friends to clear a friend's name. As the body count rises, so does the humor. Ms. Jaffarian's witty dialogue make the book a success.  And Odelia's boss, Mike Steele, has a mystery of his own.  (It's also nice to see how that story pans out! Finally some happiness for Mike!)  

While you may have an inkling on who the murderer is, this isn't one where you can predict early on who the prime suspect is. Also, there is quite a bit of scary excitement at the end - which didn't do well for my heart as I hurried through the last section of the book. All in all, a great book!

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