What Do I Want for Mother's Day?

It's May, which means Mother's Day! So I'm putting together a list of ideas that my husband can get me.  Keith - you're welcome. ;)

Actually he already bought me something, and then forgot to hide it in the garage. So I will let you guys guess what it is based of my list. It's something I've wanted for a few years. And since I know what I am getting, he should probably pick up something else to surprise me with, right? LOL

I need a comfy chair for our deck. :)

Jewelry - you can't go wrong with jewelry. And this locket from PennyJules is so gorgeous!

By the way, I have a few of her pieces. Great quality,
beautiful jewelry. I highly recommend her etsy shop!

This desktop calendar for my desk at work. It's already made, just sitting in my Shutterfly account, waiting for someone to order it. (While you are there, pick up the magnet set I made from our Disney trip too!)

And for my big time dream list (because it's wayyyyyyy to much), this beautiful Kate Spade bag! (Maybe I will make this my "hey I finally got a new kidney" purse once I have my surgery!)

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