Mother's Day Weekend

*Editor's Note - I started this post Sunday night. My week has been so out of control, that I am just finishing it on Thursday!

I ended up having the best Mother's Day! The whole weekend was nice - but Sunday was especially relaxing.  The kids didn't fight like they did on Saturday. :)  We went to dinner on Saturday night with Keith's family. The kids were happy with their ice cream dessert!

Then on Sunday, they let me sleep in (sort of):

Then I came downstairs to this (and a special breakfast treat!):

The twins each made me a flower magnet with their picture on it. Connor made me a vase with three flowers in it. On the stem of each flower is something he can do for me (cook me dinner, give me a hug, help me with anything I ask).

We went to Family Mass at church, where there was a crowning for the Blessed Mother.  All the kids brought up a flower to the Mary statue - it was so sweet to watch. The kids behaved during Mass - perhaps it had something to do with the promise of donuts afterwards at Nana and Bumpa's house. My parents had all of us over after church. Then Keith and I took the kids to a local green house for vegetables, flowers, and I treated myself to a fairy garden. (Well, I bought what I needed, then put it together at home!)

This is what I worked on outside - I am doing a fairy garden out there as well. I also filled my pots with colorful flowers.

With my very boring and sucky diet these days, I requested that my wonderful husband grill me a steak. :) So we had that for dinner, along with a baked potato and veggies. YUM!  Plus there were leftovers.

All in all, it was a great day. :)

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