Five For Friday

This week started off great! Monday morning, I was on time for work - excited that this was the first week since the end of February where I did not need to use sick time for lab work or doctor's appointments. I treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts iced decaf coffee, half cream in celebration. Before work, I sent off a quick email to my kidney doc with my recent blood pressure readings.  (My bp is running high due to the steroids I'm on.)  I was super excited to share that my numbers had been down! 

And then the week went downhill from there. I was paying so much attention to the top number, I didn't realize that the bottom number still wasn't in the correct range. Which meant an email back from Dr. A stating that I needed to immediately start a super restricted low sodium diet. I had already changed my diet quite a bit when all of this started, so all my fun happy foods are gone.  Now there isn't much left.  The biggest decisions I've made this week are whether to have plain white rice or plain pasta with my unseasoned grilled chicken. Also, the right side of my brain is getting a math workout as I spend a lot of time calculating.... I can eat half my portion of Panda Express Orange Chicken (and white rice) for dinner, and that's only 335 mg of sodium, leaving me a special treat of one cheese rangoon (3 in a serving at 190 mg, let's divide, then add to 335, plus what's in this iced tea? I didn't realize it was flavored... let's add 10 mg to be safe...)

Oh! And I found another side effect of the steroids. I had read that in addition to making your face puffy, it can make the back of your neck puff up as well as you retain water. My sister so kindly pointed out that one side of my face appears to be fluffier than the other. OMG, she is right. And the other night, I had my hair up... and sure enough, I've got some sort of puffed-up humpback thing going on. It may or may not be noticeable, however, since I just won't wear my hair up, no one will ever know. ;)  As for the face thing, I am just excited that when I'm off the steroids, my face will slim down and people will just think I lost weight. Cue the compliments... I hope. ;) 

Anyway, there were some highlights to my week that I wanted to share. Because all in all, life is good. This week was just a downer week, which is okay.  You can't be positive all the time.

Look how sweet they are! Playing quietly together, building some sort of city for Keira and her my little pony friends. (Just kidding - I took the picture from inside the house so I didn't have to hear them arguing.)

There's my boy playing baseball. He loves it! This was right before he hit the ball and ran to first. 

I also got to go a date with my super baseball player. I treated of course, but he shared his cheese rangoon with me. ♥

And then I received this totally amazing gift in the mail. With no card! So I don't know who to thank. But I may have squealed with glee when I opened the box. Maybe. ;) Best present ever. (Sorry Keith - you are going to have to step up your Mother's Day game...)

I ended last night with this scene - Keith found me some vegan, organic, super "healthy" (only four ingredients) raspberry sorbetto. No sodium! Woo hoo! Add that to a book on the Tudors, recommended by none other than the world famous Anne Rice... I'm a happy girl!
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