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Book Review: The Leading Lady

I just finished reading Deb Marlowe's newest book, The Leading Lady (Book two in the Half Moon House Series).  I have to say, this is a great series, and a great book!

Lord Truitt is a man who is desperately trying to recover his honor, after it was ruined by Lord Marstoke.  Miss Callie Grant, who is first introduced to us in the book by passionately standing up for a friend, has hidden her true identity but finds she must work with Tru (and pretend to be his wife)!  Of course, Hestia Wright plays an important role. I loved seeing the snippets of her journal at the start of each chapter, allowing us an more in-depth look at her. An author who can merge two stories like that together shows a lot of strength, and Ms. Marlowe pulls it off!

This isn't just a romance book, but it's filled with mystery and intrigue, designed to keep the reader on her toes.  You find yourself immediately drawn into the story. The characters are strongly developed.  Ms. Marlowe's writing is passionate and strong.  

I have a lot of favorite parts, but I will use this one so you can link back to her site for the full excerpt:

"A kiss.  A simple thing, the soft touch of one mouth to another—and yet.  And yet she felt it, instantly everywhere, lighting her up from within, waking all the dormant parts of her, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes."

While everything seems to be wrapped up at the end, Ms. Marlowe makes it clear that we have not seen the last of Marstoke! Which means, there is more Hestia to come. :)

Find your copy here:
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