Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

I haven't had a girls' night out in forever. Much of my life the past few months have been focused on my health, as well as some school issues we are having with one of the twins. Work is especially busy this time of year. A couple of weeks ago, I saw that our local movie theater was going to be showing Dirty Dancing, so I texted my sister and we made plans to go with another friend of ours.

The theater is one that does dinner and a movie, in really comfy leather chairs. However, this was part of their classic movie series, so we were seated in the special event screening room. I assume it's what they use to show staff new movies: an intimate room with 8 or so big leather couches. I tried to take a picture, but this swagalicious girl kept photobombing me.

#swag #yolo #icky
(I don't know what those hashtags mean,
but my 10 year old niece uses them a lot,
so we (her mom and I) like to bug her by pretending to be cool.)

There was a whole wall dedicated to Marilyn Monroe:

And of course the food was great! I haven't had movie popcorn or cherry coke since I got sick, so I treated myself. :) 

Eye candy - the cute movie projectionist (not sure of his real title) had an awesome Irish accent.

Super fun night had by all!
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