Book Review: Gone But Not Forgotten

A mother’s work is never done.
Not while Sunny has a ghost of a chance.

Her sister and brother-in-law, Honey and Bert, are good people, no worries. Sunny’s twins will have a loving home with them in Mossy Creek, a warm-hearted small town in the mountains of Georgia. But Sunny, a San Francisco voiceover artist before the accident that killed her and her husband, has bad memories of Honey and Bert’s unpredictable, autistic son, Jeremy. Will he harm her babies? Sunny’s not leaving until she’s certain they’re safe.

My Review:

This was a short, but very sweet read. Not what I would normally pick up, but I am a big fan of Sabrina Jeffries.

Sunny, mother of twins, passed away in an accident. But she cannot let go of her children until she knows they are safe. Her memories of her autistic nephew, Jeremy, are from years before, and she is afraid for what the future will bring as her sister and brother-in-law take on her twins to raise. Jeremy was so unpredictable in Sunny's mind, but things have changed. Can Sunny open herself up enough to see the real person inside?

This is one of those stories that makes you cry, I will warn you now. But the take-away is worth it. I definitely recommend this one! Ms. Jeffries truly writes from the heart on this one!

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