Making time for detours...again...

***Editor's note - this is a repost from October 16, 2014.  Driving into work this morning reminded me of this post from a year ago. As I head into a busy day,
and an even busier weekend, I'm making sure I remember the little things..***

We had a busy weekend: Legoland on Friday and the firehouse open house on Saturday. Keith was gone a lot, and I didn't feel good. My plans for Sunday included the mountain of laundry and a week's worth of house duties that I didn't have time to complete during the busy week. I also thought I'd stop by the library, let the kids get a couple of DVDs and books to keep them busy, pick up lunch, then hurry back to the chaos I currently call "home".

Get books, get lunch, get home was my mantra for the day.

Once at the library, the kids were finding books and playing (the boys like to have a contest to see who can build the most blocks with these connector-things they have.)  I got my three books (Nora Robert's Blood Brothers trilogy for some spooky October reading). We got our DVDs, books, and a couple of CDs.  We were good to go.

Until the librarian asked if we were staying for the craft/story activity at 1 p.m.  I sighed as I looked at the clock. It was 12:30. The kids hadn't had lunch yet. I wanted to get home.  The librarian mentioned it was for kids aged 3-7, and there was a firetruck activity.  A chorus of little voices greeted my ears, asking if we could stay.  I sighed again, Okay.  But really I was dreading this detour to the plan that I had created in my head.

Keira picked out a book for me to read, and the boys went back to their building contest as we wait for 1 p.m.   Colin asked if we were going to be in the room off to the right. I said I thought so, since it looked like the librarian was setting out glue sticks and paper. He got really excited.  "Yay! I didn't get to do my dinosaur bag last time when they were in that room. And now I get to do my own craft all by myself!"

Back story: In June, we planned to attend the make-a-dinosaur-tote-bag event the library had.  However, Colin was hospitalized the night before so Keith took the other two kids and made a bag for Colin.  They love their bags and we take them to the library every time we go.  But every time he reminds me how Daddy made his bag because he was sick and couldn't go.

Apparently Sunday was the day for revelations.  As I listened to the kids chatter on about how fun it was going to be to make firetrucks, I remembered back to the night we had to take Colin to the ER and the doctor told me (mistakenly) that he would have to be admitted for at least a week.  My heart stopped at the comment from the ill-informed ER doctor.  She was not familiar with his condition and thought it would take at least a week for the meds to work on him.  A week in the hospital with the child addicted to his mommy? I could never leave! What about work? The other kids? His birthday was in 3 days!  Then I thought about how relieved I was when the pediatrician came the next morning and said she'd get him home that day.  I was so grateful to her and the urologist who were willing to work with us so we'd get to sleep in our beds that night.

Would an extra hour at the library on Sunday really be that bad in the grand scheme of things? The laundry and chores would still be there when we got home. Lunch could be a little late.  The important thing was that the kids were happy, and Colin was getting that chance he had lost months before.

I firmly believe that God puts detours in our path for certain reasons.  The morning had been dicey with the kids not behaving. Perhaps a little extra time out of the house was what we needed. I do have to say the laundry is still in a large pile.  The kids got McDonalds' happy meals (did you see their new Halloween buckets?!?!) and watched Scooby Doo while they ate their apples and nuggets. And I was once again reminded how blessed I am.

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