Book Review: Halloween Horrors By Alan Ryan

I've always loved books. And when I was younger: the scarier, the better. One of the scariest books I've ever read is Halloween Horrors: New Tales of Dark Fantasy and Terror by Alan Ryan.

Background - When I was in middle school, I was searching the library's Halloween section one gloomy October day. The cover of this book got me first..... creepy, right?

I checked it out and devoured it in a day. I remember sitting in our dimly lit living room on a cloudy afternoon, reading horror after horror story.  They aren't gory.... but truly terrifying.

After going away to college, I forgot about the book. Well, not the book, but the title.  It took me years to track it down. I was able to find a used copy on Amazon last year and bought it. I love that I own an old library book.

There are thirteen creepy, spooky, and just-plain scary stories in this book.   The one that stands out the most is called "Eyes". It's about a Halloween tragedy involving a small boy. To be honest, as a mother, I refuse to read it now.  There is an interesting read about Richard Nixon, as well as few regular old demon/ghost/witches.  The truly fearful ones are the ones that take what the reader sees as regular, normal people and shows that the dark side can live in any one of us.

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