Did that really just happen to me?

One of the prompts today over at Mama Kat's is:

Share one of your “did that really just happen to me” life moments.

Ahhhh... how to pick just one. 

My life is full of those things that you never expect to happen to anyone, 
although my sister and I fully know it can happen to me.

 Case in point:

When I was attending graduate school, I lived at home to save money and commuted to school.  Many times on my way, I'd stop at a particular gas station near my house. 
I'd fill up the tank, get a coke, and head to school.  
The attendant there was a middle-aged man not from this country. He was nice, 
and we would chat about the weather each time I stopped in.

That summer however, I began working 3, yes 3 jobs and only had a morning class.  I ended up taking a different route to school, so I was not visiting my buddy at the gas station.  Weeks passed, summer ended, I was back to my old route.

I stopped in to fill up the tank and grab a coke.

My gas station friend was still there.

He said "hello! I've missed you!"

Then leaned over the counter and kissed me.

That's my life.

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