Thanksgiving Week, Day 1 (Guest Post: Kendra Thornton)

This week I'm writing about all things Thanksgiving!  To start things off right, I would like to welcome Kendra Thornton to Embracing Chaos. Check her out on Twitter when you are done reading about her Thanksgiving traditions!

My favorite time of year is coming up soon: Thanksgiving! With all the leaves falling and crisp air-cooling the neighborhood, the Thornton household is a whole bunch of family visitors this year in Chicago of friends and family! Thanksgiving and its symbolism of gratitude make me thankful about my immediate and extended family and I can hardly wait to have everyone here to celebrate it.
With all of our guests coming to Chicago, I need to come up with simple recipes that the kids and I can cook together without too much of a mess. I'm sticking with fast recipes that incorporate either desserts or appetizers. Because I don't have many recipes to choose from at home, I've been searching through Pinterest for ideas. The pictures help me visualize the dish rather than just read the ingredient list. My kids aren't too young anymore, but they still make a mess in the kitchen if the recipes are too complicated! If I see too many ingredients in a picture, I just skip to the next one.

I love traditional Thanksgiving foods. Mashed potatoes and gravy are my favorite! You can't forget the turkey, stuffing or cranberry sauce either. These staples make me think of family and friends every year. This year, however, I think I want to mix up what I’m serving! I came across an article on Gogobot, “Turkey Trimmed to the Nines,” and it discusses what some of the top luxury hotels are going to be serving their guests this year for the big day!
Although I can't create all of these luxurious dishes for Thanksgiving, I can certainly bring in my cooking expertise and alter the ingredients to fit my family's food cravings. I hope my family enjoys some of the new foods I’m going to try and recreate! Thanksgiving is the best time to gather around and sample new things! If the kids don't like a dish, one of the adults is sure to enjoy it thoroughly! I'm particularly excited about trying a new recipe that the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando is making for their guests. Velvety pumpkin soup accented with lobster sounds incredibly scrumptious as a dinner appetizer! It is sure to warm the heart before trying all of my other creations.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving, aside from the food, is how we give thanks. Starting with the eldest family member, we ask everyone to name what he or she are grateful for. If you think back across the year, there is so much to be thankful for! I am incredibly thankful for the Thornton family and our respect for one another. Have your family talk about their gratitude. It is sure to brighten everyone's holiday. Have a delicious holiday filled with friends and family! You are sure to make so many memories!

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