A Love Story

13 (lucky 13!) years ago, 
I met a boy with an orange mohawk and tattoos. 
(My parents were thrilled.)

I didn't like him. 
He was kinda annoying and talked a lot.
When I ran into him at a party,
he poked me.
And annoyed me some more.

Then one night
I met a friend at the drive-in movies.
The boy with the mohawk was there.
We sat in the back of his truck and watched Shrek.

On our first year (dating) anniversary, 
he gave me a sunflower just like Shrek gave Princess Fiona.

On our second year anniversary, 
we rode a carriage through the French Quarter 
and went on spooky ghost tours.

I told him I was going to get married 
on Halloween 2004.
Would he be there?
If so, he should get to proposing.

Nine years ago today,
we had our spooktacular wedding:

See my skeleton bride and groom over on the left?
I love those guys!

Seven years ago,
we added a little pumpkin to our family:

And less than two years after that,
we added two more:

Now my pumpkin patch is complete,
and I'm the happiest girl in the world!

Happy Anniversary Keith!!!

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