I knew they were trouble...

Now I'm not saying I was a goody-goody-two-shoes when I was growing up, but I can say that during the first 13 years of schooling I had (K-12), I got in trouble ONE time. I was in fifth grade and rolled my eyes at the teacher. I had to write my name on the board. My mom was upset, and made me write an apology letter to the teacher. (Which didn't prove at all awkward when I ran into her years later, as she teaches at the college I now work at!)

Connor, I remember, had to move his magnet from green TWO times the entire first year of school.

The twins, on the other hand, appear to be on the fast track to detention. (If kindergarteners had detention, which they don't. They do have a colored-clip system where they start on green, and can move to yellow, orange, and red.)

Nine days of school, and Keira has moved her clip THREE days so far.  Yesterday, she even moved to orange, which warranted a 5 minute time out. Colin has only moved his clip twice, or so he says.  It's hard to get info out of the two co-conspirators. They have conveniently "forgotten" what happened.

Now with me getting in trouble once, and Connor rarely moving his magnet, I am mortified that my twins are getting in trouble at school. I mean, they get in trouble at home all.the.time, but I thought at school they would be better.  However, in retrospect, I'm not quite sure why I thought they'd be perfect angels at school...

Not gonna let this gate stop us

Beds? Who needs beds?

And this is why everything is bolted to the wall at our house
Just a typical afternoon play time

That's an open window they are yelling out of

I don't want to know


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