The Hoarder - Happiness, Week 4

My little princess is my best friend. She always makes me laugh and smile.

But she is a hoarder. She cannot help it, it seems.

Yesterday I received this call from my mom.

Mom: Do you know that Keira brought all the Easter candy in her backpack?
Me: I vaguely remember hearing her tell Connor she was going to bring it.
Mom: No, I mean she brought ALL the candy. Hers and her brothers.
Me: I'm not surprised. She said she was going to eat it all today at your house.
Mom: She told your father that 'mommy said I could have one piece'. Then she changed it to two pieces. A few minutes later, she said, 'Actually, mommy said I could have 4 or 14 pieces. I think it was 14.'

Thankfully she settled for one piece.

Happiness is my little girl.
And her odd ways. ;)


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