San Francisco - Day 3

First off, let me add that my husband remarked last night that none of these vacation posts talked about him. I reminded him that it was my blog. ;) Besides, he didn't do his big ride until Monday (day 3). He rented a bike and rode across the Golden Gate bridge to the parks on the other side.  Pictures below.

My new phone has a panoramic picture taker. I love it.
I sat on a bench here during my lunch break.
I just love the blue skies and green grass
(things which had been missing from the Midwest
until rather recently.)

We decided to see a movie, since we doubted
we'd find a babysitter once we were back in IL.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Or better yet,
The Rock in 3D. ;)

Our walk back to the hotel

This leaf fell from a tree.
A side note,
I haven't smelled this much mary jame
smoke since college.

Keith rode to the top of the mountain.
Or, Sarah freaked out when she received this picture
and wondered where the hell her husband was.

Another shot from his ride
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