San Francisco - Day 2

We headed to Alcatraz Island on day 2. We took the trolley down to the pier, had some breakfast with the giant seagulls standing at attention nearby, and waited to board the boat. The island was beautiful. The prison was creepy. Of course, I loved it.

We had lunch at the Wipeout Grill - I had an amazing cheeseburger with guacamole on it. We did a little browsing of the shops and saw the sea lions (which we had forgotten to see the night before). We ended up walking back to the hotel so I could change clothes before the conference began. A trip to the hot tub was also in order.

The opening speaker was actress Marlee Matlin. She gave a very moving speech about diversity. Afterwards we followed the Chinese Lion Dancers down to the reception. Keith met me and we headed back to the hotel for a delicious (and HOT!) room service meal.

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