High Five for Friday!

  1. Traditional Easter picture with all the kids - on my late grandparents' back porch steps.  
  2. Yesterday was my self-imposed sexy shoe day at work.
  3. Apparently after having kids, I fell behind on fashion. I had no idea they made these little sock-things (Kohls had a fancier name for them) that you can wear with flats. I got a set with zebra-striped and cheetah print. Love them!
  4. I'm addicted to Starbuck's Tazo Iced Green Tea. But I'm cheap, so I make my own at home.
  5. I had Reiki done last Thursday. Best feeling ever. I cannot stop telling people to go get it done. This is the chakra bracelet I made awhile back, and two of the stones the Reiki practioner gave me. Can we say bliss? That's was Reiki does for the body and soul. 
 And how was your week?

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