Weekend Re-Cap

One of the kids threw a pull-up in the dirty clothes, 
and I didn't realize it until after I had washed it. 
(Hey, at least it was a clean one.)  
That was a lot of fun to try 
and clean out of the washer. 
(And then have to re-wash a bunch of clothes.) 

Keith bought me flowers. ♥ 
And then the kids decorated my credenza 
with "Easter animals". 
Please do not argue with Keira
 about the "Easter penguins". 
You won't win.

My town had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. 
The kids had a great time. 
After finding their eggs and getting their goody bags, 
we headed over to the village hall where 
they got "hopped" up on sugar with cookies and munchkins.  
Good times. Not.  

Then we met the Easter Bunny. 
Well, everyone but Keira who is scared of him. 
 A female police officer even offered to go up 
with Keira to meet the bunny, but she declined. 

I did a little shopping at Kohls and picked me up some 
of those stackable bracelets.
I also got this watch and bracelet set.
I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that 
the colors do not coordinate, 
but for $4.60 I will deal with it.

I don't have any phone pics, but on Sunday, 
we went to celebrate my cousin's twins' first birthday. 
My kids had an absolute blast coloring pictures for the twins.
I also got to rock a 4 month old baby for awhile.
Ah... teeny tiny babies are so much fun.
Although I'm glad I got to hand him back to his dad. :)

Colin and Connor had the "best night ever" staying up late and reading books 
until they ratted themselves out and came downstairs to tell me it was the best night ever. 
Connor went to bed after that.
20 minutes later I found Colin 
hiding in the office and pretending to drink my wine.

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