The Happiness Project - Week 1

Well, I'm debating giving up the blog. 
Not necessarily something that should be posted on 
something titled the Happiness Project, 
but still I wanted to put it out there. 
Until I actually make the decision, 
I can still play along with Leigh and 
post things that make me happy.

For instance, this cabinet/credenza/thingy that Keith found on the side of the road. 
Check out our new entertainment center! 
I cannot wait! 
The top needs some staining, 
and one of the corners has some scratches. 
Once those are fixed, 
I can't wait to see it sitting pretty in our family room.

Side note - that's a toddler bed on top. Not some weird extension of the cabinet.
And please ignore the mess behind... I'm not allowed to clean the garage.

Hey, while you are here, why not check out my giveaway?
Or not.
It's cool.


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