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Kids These Days

I know it's a mother job to worry about her children. But this morning, it hit me. I need to do something fast before it's too late. This situation is getting out of control.

It all started on the way to Connor's school. The radio was tuned into this not-very-local classic rock station that only sometimes comes in.

Connor: Mommy, can you turn on a good song?

Me: Sure. Wait, what? This is a good song.

Connor: No it's not. I like Daddy's music.

Me: Daddy listens to horrible music. This is classic Guns N' Roses. Besides your daddy grew up with heavy metal and only recently started getting into that pop junk music on KISS FM. I told you the other day when you asked me to turn off Pink Floyd that we only listen to Mommy's music in the morning.

Connor: Well can you turn on horrible music then?

I've have a very eclectic taste in music. I love CCR, Pink Floyd, Bad Religion, Type O Negative, Pearl Jam, Adele, The Cure, and Rise Against. I love heavy metal like Five Finger Death Punch, southern rock like The Band, folk rock like Dylan, and whatever kind of rock the Lumineers play.  If you look at my spotify playlists, you would think I had numerous personalities based on the diversity of songs.

It's not that all pop music is bad. But when you hear your 4 year old daughter singing her own version of some of these songs, you begin to worry. (And laugh, because she is hilarious.)

Keira's version:
I throw my hands to the air sometimes
San Diego
San Diego

Cause I told you once 
and I told you once
It's like dynamite

San Diego
San Diego

Real song: Taio Cruz's "Dynamite"

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying ayo
Gotta let go

Cause I told you once
Now I told you twice
We gon' light it up
Like it's dynamite

Or how about Colin, dancing around in the kitchen to Pitbull's "Back In Time". (Which technically is a good song since it's got the Dirty Dancing song going on.  And sure, Pitbull is nice to look at, but wait, I digress...)

I just don't want my kids to grow up thinking that Daddy's music is best. Because seriously, as I've stated to him time and time again, his music sucks. Mine rules. ;)


Unknown said…
Scott loves classic rock. I'm more an alternative kinda girl. Ethan.... well he's influenced by his mates and Disney. Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Psy!
Unknown said…
Justin Beiber? No Comment. ;)
Tamara Camera said…
I am so scared of this! My kids are still a little too young for strong preferences but I shudder to realize they'll probably go through the bizarre phases we all went through. However we came out on the other end and what's my favorite music? The same classic rock my parents drilled into my head when I was very young.
Jessi said…
Oh my goodness, this made me laugh. I swear I hate my husband's taste in music....he likes Disco and weird 80's music (not the good 80's rock stuff). It drives me nuts. Thankfully, so far my son seems to like more my type of music...Aerosmith, Guns-n-Roses, Lynard, and of course some CCR. ;-) Good luck to keeping good music in your household.

Visiting from SITS.
Holly said…
That conversation is hilarious!
Adorable conversation and music lyrics!!! Thanks for stopping by today!

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