On Saturday night, my mom, my aunt, my sister and I all met up at my grandma's former home (my uncle still lives there) to go through some of her belongings. These are a few of the things I was able to take home with me:

Rings! I love silver and turquoise.  I've worn rings since I was a little girl. It's funny, my grandma always used to tell me to be ever so careful when I washed my hands in public restrooms, and never to take my rings off when I washed my hands. Every time we'd go some place together, she'd make sure to mention that fact.

My grandma prayed a lot. She used to get this magazine called Leaves and let me read her copy. She would always tell me that she'd pray to a particular Saint for certain things. I do believe that I learned about St. Therese's Little Flower novena through her.  (And if you are a follower of the blog, you know I've mentioned St. Therese before.)

A box of clip-on earrings.  I'm going to use these to make some keepsakes for our family.


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