A random update on the Year of Me

I'm not sure if I posted here about this, but I put a lot of thought into my resolutions for 2013. And I decided to be selfish and focus on me this year. On doing good (and healthy) things for me.

Except for my usual case of winter blahs, I seem to be doing well. My ultimate goal for the Year of Me is to stress less, be more healthy and mindful, and get off these two medications I have to take for this disease I have.

So some randoms things I have been doing so far:

  • Researching essential oils
  • Reading a book on Chinese Medicine: Chill out and Get Healthy: Live Clean to Be Strong and Stay Sexy
  • Using lavender quite a bit
  • Pampering myself with the Salt Cave (ok, it was just that one time and I had a groupon)
  • De-cluttering (More about that at this post: Monica's Closet)
  • Switched to Bare Minerals make-up - I swear my skin looks better and is breaking out less
On the horizon:
  •  A haircut exactly 8 weeks after my last one (usually I get behind, wait 4 months, then b!tch because my hair looks like crap...)
  • Reiki - I found a really great place that is in the budget (unlike the Salt Cave prices)
  • Write more (Just read this article yesterday: Personal Therapy 
  • Finish organizing the office so that I have more creative space
  • Work out every day in some way for two weeks (because seriously these winter blahs have gotten the best of me)
What are some things that you are doing for YOU?
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